A brilliantly simple idea that can help your children’s reading

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We take our hats off to you and all the hard work it takes to raise children in today’s bonkers world. Which is why we wanted to share this brilliantly simple idea with you – turning on the subtitles can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading. Incredible isn’t it?

So the next time your child is watching TV or the tablet, there could actually be an opportunity to improve their reading skills at the same time! In fact research has shown that it can double the chance of your child leaving school as a proficient reader. You can turn them on for the whole family or most streaming services will now allow you to do it just for individual children if you like.

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Turning on subtitles while children are watching TV can greatly improve their reading skills. A quick, simple, free way to make TV time, reading time. #turnonthesubtitles

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Marion McGillivray

By turning on the subtitles, my children are reading without even knowing it. With extra screen time - let’s be honest, it’s pretty much unavoidable at the moment - it’s great to know I can benefit their literacy through something so simple and free.

Marsha Robinson

As a parent I wish that my children wanted to spend all their time reading.... but actually they love television! By turning on the subtitles I can assuage my guilt slightly as I know it is improving their reading without them even noticing. Both of them are good at reading and I am convinced having subtitles on has contributed to that.

Adam Twycross

It’s wonderful to know that such a simple change can have such a dramatic impact… and to know that our daughter’s literacy is being given a boost even when it’s TV time!

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