Whilst TOTS has only been in existence for a very short period of time, we like to think we and our amazing partners have achieved a fair bit.

Here’s our Top 19:

  1. Turn On The Subtitles is now the world’s biggest literacy project and is already helping over 300 million children to learn to read! It’s also the most cost effective literacy project ever. It has cost a small fraction of a penny for every child we’ve helped.
  2. Sky TV in collaboration with Warner Studios and Viacom also launched a joint literacy channel where their children’s TV episodes have subtitles. Thank you to Fiona Ball and Lucy Murphy for their tireless work on this
  3. YouTube now has dedicated channels containing subtitled kids content. Millions of children are now learning to read whilst watching Inspector Gadget and Peanuts through to Supa Strikas. Thanks so much to the wonderful guys at Moonbug, Wildbrain and YouTube here. You have moved mountains. We were recently told that the Moonbug literacy channel alone is serving half a billion views per month. Crikey!
  4. It’s now written into legislation in India that all linear channels must display subtitled content. Huge kudos to Brij and his colleagues here. You guys are amazing.
  5. Netflix has launched a global pilot! Thanks so much to the inspirational Reed Hastings and his teams around the world who are all working on this.
  6. Amazon Prime has announced they too will be trialling this imminently. Thanks to Paul Serby and his gang at AP. Watch this space…
  7. TikTok are rolling out subtitles on their platform as of 2022
  8. Twitter are piloting defaulting subtitles as of mid 2022
  9. Oak National Academy & GCSEPod, the providers of educational videos to schools (and lifeline to many frustrated homeschooling parents) have now embraced subtitles to improve literacy. Love what these guys do (as covid-homeschooling parents ourselves – double thank you).
  10. The Prime Minister of Great Britain has backed this and given it a resounding endorsement calling it “excellent” and pledging the support of his government. Thank you especially to Julie Marson MP and Alex Burghart MP
  11. We’ve managed to get cross-party support in the UK with Lord Foster and Baroness Benjamin championing this from the Lib Dems and Kate Green MP and Lord Knight from Labour. Thank you all!
  12. We’ve managed to engage the DCMS and DfE select committees in the UK. Thank you in particular to Damian Hinds MP for his unwavering support and to John Nicholson MP (and his cat)
  13. We’re successfully spreading the word about the power of subtitles to improve literacy with extended features in the Guardian, Observer, Times, Forbes, TES, Daily Mail and over a dozen radio interviews and features. Thank you to all the journalists who have taken the time to really understand what we’re doing and why (see our press page)
  14. We have the backing of the great and the good of the educational establishment from former Education Ministers and the ex-chair of OFSTED through to celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Cressida Cowell. Thank you to the 40+ signatories of our open letter to broadcasters – we really, really appreciate it. Sorry for spamming your inboxes.
  15. We have synthesised dozens of academic papers from some of the world’s most prestigious universities on the topic and condensed it, making it easy to understand and utilise for broadcasters. Brij Kothari, and Marion McGillivray-Harrison – big thank you to you guys.
  16. We have assembled a stellar list of partner organisations and an eminent expert panel from around the world to help broadcasters and the media understand what actually works and why. There are so many thanks here, from the truly wonderful team at Annington who have been with us from the beginning, through to Jonathan Douglas and his team at the NLT and Steve Haines – you guys all rock. Thank you!
  17. The UK Purpose Awards awarded us winner of their Collaboration – Best Advocacy Campaign with the National Literacy Trust. Previously called the “Campaign for Good” Awards, the Awards recognise campaigns that use creative ideas successfully to further positive causes, and also acknowledge the organisations behind them. We are very proud to have won this!
  18. We were also then over the moon to be awarded The Innovator of the Year Award 2021 by the Stationers Livery Company. We were up against some amazing organisations including Pearson and the Prince’s Trust, it was humbling to even be listed alongside these guys.
  19. We are singlehandedly keeping the UK coffee industry afloat (probably). We’ve done a lot of meetings!

It’s been quite the journey. We have even bigger plans for the next phase of TOTS. Let’s have a positive impact on half a billion children shall we?

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