Hi there!   Thanks so much for visiting our Turn On The Subtitles asset page.  We’ve tried to categorise the resources to help you find what you need more easily.

This is the start of what we hope will become a bigger set of assets over time and we’d love to hear from you to help shape this.   

Have you seen our teacher ambassador group? (Head over to the teacher page and sign up) – these wonderful people are going to help us spread this message as wide as possible and feed in ideas of what we create next.  Please do join in!  Or if you prefer, just mail us with any ideas or requests at hello@turnonthesubtitles.org

So….. on with the resources……

Celebrity videos

Below are a number of our awesome celebrities who have recorded lovely videos to tell everyone about the benefits of switching on the subtitles.  Please do feel free to share these either through the YouTube link or downloading and sending directly.

Stephen Fry

View the long version at https://youtu.be/I-zISnJ-oao, and the short version at https://youtu.be/yjpVNNLGdA4

Sandi Toksvig

View at https://youtu.be/M5EWSCTjLkI

Sir Lenny Henry

View at https://youtu.be/_wyXgvGfd4c

Assets to use in your classrooms and in your schools

Who doesn’t love a poster to brighten up the walls? We’ve created a few different versions for you to choose between – whether you’d like it in the classroom, in your school reception area or anywhere else you can think of that will make it seen by students and, most importantly, parents.

We have also created some simple printable worksheets for each year group that focus on creating a TV cartoon and adding subtitles to the screens.

We have branded each worksheet with our “turn on the subtitles” message and it would be wonderful if students could take these home to parents/caregivers to serve as a reminder to turn the subtitles on.

We have also created a mashup of our celebrity video and key messaging to create a short video to share with your colleagues.

Assets to help spread the message about turning on the subtitles!

Here is some suggested text for your school’s newsletter – the odd timely reminder to parents via the school would be amazing.

Did you know that children read more when we Turn On The Subtitles…

A recent national campaign, supported by Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, Lenny Henry and numerous others is spreading the message about how this brilliantly simple, free, small change to children’s existing TV viewing habits can drastically improve their reading skills. 

Stephen Fry made us a little video to explain the benefits of turning on the subtitles in more detail:  www.turnonthesubtitles.org/parents

Please do turn on the subtitles today!

If you have the ability to send short phone or app messages to your parents, something sent around 4/5pm would be so effective at reminding parents whilst TVs might be on:

Just a reminder that turning on the subtitles while children are watching TV can greatly improve their reading skills.  A quick and simple way to make TV time, reading time. #TurnOnTheSubtitles

And here are lots of lovely “Turn on the subtitles” jpegs that you might like to use in your newsletter or perhaps on social media to make it look a bit snazzy!  Just right click and save to your desktop!

First up, the Turn On The Subtitles logos:

Then lots of lovely little subtitle pictures we use in our videos with the celebrities:

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