Want to improve your pupils’ literacy? We’d love to help

Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of them becoming good at reading. Yes really.

Wonderfully simple isn’t it? 10 seconds of effort for parents, a lifetime’s impact for their children. All backed up by decades of scientific research.

This sounds awesome! As a teacher, what can I do?

You’re too kind. So there’s 2 things we’d love you to do:

  1. Become a friend of the campaign. Send us an email and we’ll ping you over some funky free materials from our celebrity ambassadors when it’s ready.
  1. Share the stuff below with EVERYONE, especially your pupils’ parents

Stuff to share right away

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Share on Twitter and Facebook

Or if you want some regular text, you can steal this or write your own:

Turning on subtitles while children are watching TV can greatly improve their reading skills. A quick, simple, free way to make TV time, reading time. #turnonthesubtitles

Together we can spread the word and change lives. Thank you!!

Katie Tingley

The idea is just so simple, this has to be the most impactful 10 seconds you’ll ever spend as a parent

Elizabeth Toplis

After so much lost learning, this is proving to be such a boost for our children’s progress across all subjects. We know that reading is at the heart of everything so this has a disproportionate impact. We’d encourage all schools to get their parents involved

Ben Jeffrey

We are really excited to be involved in this project. Reading is such an important part of any childhood and to be part of the Turn On The Subtitles campaign is very exciting. Knowing that something as simple as turning on the subtitles can make such a big difference to children's literacy levels is really quite staggering and is such a simple thing for all our families to do.

Sarah Viccars

Children's literacy is vital to their life chances. Turning on the Subtitles in school and at home to improve reading is such a beautifully simple and powerful intervention - and it's free!