In the US, we have a serious problem with our children’s literacy levels. According to the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), some 34% of students are below basic reading level in the fourth grade and another 31% are below the proficient reading level.

Our children’s literacy levels have a profound impact on their lives as adults and on the US as a whole (low levels of literacy costs the US up to $2.2 trillion per year).

Here at Turn on the Subtitles USA though, we want to help improve children’s reading across the whole Country – and we have a way to do it.

Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading†. It’s so brilliantly simple and can help children’s literacy so much that we want everyone to know about this simple intervention.

There’s extensive global research that shows just how effective this is and with the help of our wonderful partners – including charities, companies and famous ambassadors – it’s our mission to share the results in this simple message.

So now, along with our friends at a number of leading charities and universities, we’re encouraging broadcasters, policymakers and parents to Turn on the Subtitles.We need your help too. Please share this message with anyone you know who has children or works with children – this quick, free tip can help make TV time, reading time.

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†Based on an academic study of 2,350 children, 34% became good readers with schooling alone. But when exposed to 30 minutes a week of subtitled film songs, that proportion more than doubled to 70%. There are lots of studies about the benefits of subtitles. This is just one! Check out our research page to find out more.

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