Turn On The Subtitles

Turning on the subtitles improves literacy.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best

What if we told you that you that there was a way to dramatically improve the literacy levels of millions of children?

What if we also told you that it was free?

Turn On The Subtitles (TOTS) isn’t an organisation. It’s not a company either. We’re simply a group of people who think this is an idea whose time has come.

Extensive research across multiple countries has shown us a way to improve children’s literacy. It’s incredibly simple; just turn on the subtitles.

So now, along with our friends at a number of leading charities and universities, we’re on a mission to encourage broadcasters, policymakers and parents to Turn on the Subtitles.

Ultimately we’d like to see broadcasters turn on the subtitles for most children’s television, by default. We’d like some of the world’s largest technology platforms to do the same. If you’d like to find out more about our campaign, we’d like to hear from you. Just email us on hello@turnonthesubtitles.org


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